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Job opportunity - Girls Residential Boarding House Mistress Kilkenny College

  Girls Residential Boarding House Mistre

 Kilkenny College 

1 Year full-time residential commencing 16th August 2018

Current Garda Vetting required

Child Protection Training required

Sunday - Friday Residency each school week. Employer: the Board of Directors of Kilkenny College

        School: Kilkenny College, Kilkenny, Co Kilkenny

Application Details

Application Closing Date: Mon Jun 18 2018 5pm Application Requirements:

Referees (name, role, contact no.)

CV (Unbound/Slide Binder)

Applications may be submitted by:


Apply To:


Address: teachingpost@kilkennycollege.ie Kindly cc info@kilkenncollege.ie


 Job Description:

Responsible to: Head of Girls Boarding

  Aim of post:

 To efficiently manage the organisation and resources of the House; to provide for

 the safety, good discipline and pastoral wellbeing of all pupils in the House.

 The Housemistress is expected:

 a. To contribute to the induction arrangements for new pupils joining the House; to

 ensure that any “settling in” problems are resolved.

 b. To provide a sympathetic presence in the House and to be sensitive to those

 who are having difficulties coping with School life; to liaise closely with other

 relevant staff concerning the progress and welfare of pupils.

 c. To be responsible for the care, supervision, cleanliness and presentation of pupils

 in the House, co-ordinating and liaising with other Boarding staff as necessary.

 d. To ensure that the individual circumstances, needs, strengths and weaknesses of

 each pupil are identified and known by staff as needed, so that individual

 opportunities, talents and potential are developed and maximised.

 e. To implement supervision; to ensure the safety and security (including emotional)

 of all pupils at all times when they are in the School’s charge

 f. To liaise with the School Nurse to ensure that pupils’ medical requirements are

 properly catered for; to encourage pupils to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

 g. To ensure that pupils clothes and personal belongings are used appropriately

 and stored securely and tidily; to ensure that pupils treat the belongings of others,

 and the fabric and furnishings of the House, with respect.

 h. To develop, in the pupils, a collective responsibility to be aware of the difficulties

 or problems of others, and to offer such support and help for each other as is


 i. To ensure that pupils make use of the full and varied programme of extra-

 curricular activities available and pupils are appropriately occupied.

 j. To ensure that family incidents and problems are brought to the attention of those

 who need to know. To keep clear records of communication with

 parents/guardians and School staff and to place appropriate documentation on a

 student’s file in the School office. Through mutual agreement to use every

 opportunity to cultivate contact and communicate with parents and guardians, to

 ensure that they are fully informed about their child’s/ward’s welfare.

 k. To keep suitable records of pupils’ progress, welfare, health, emotional problems,

 achievements and misconduct; to provide such reports and references as may

 reasonably be required.

 l. To counsel pupils at a time and place which is conducive to good communication,

 concerning any emotional, academic, social or behavioural problems they may

 have; to fulfil the requirements of the School’s policy on Child Protection.

 m. To take part in appropriate staff cover arrangements for other staff if needed.

 n. To attend Boarding staff meetings as required.

 o. To support the School’s Disciplinary Policy and, by encouragement and reward

 and by a clearly understood and fair system of sanctions, foster an acceptance of

 the Code of Conduct of the House and School, to inform the Head in any cases of


 severe bullying, substance misuse or sexual misconduct.

 p. To ensure that you are familiar with the School’s policies and procedures for child

 protection, countering bullying, substance misuse and health and safety, and are

 aware of the appropriate response needed in these areas.

 q. At the end of the holidays (especially if the House has been used for holiday

 lettings), to prepare bedrooms; to carry out a check on furnishings to ensure that all

 are in good order, repairs carried out, and that bedrooms are clean and


 r. After the end of term, to assist with the clearing up and cleaning of the House; to

 carry out a check of all bedding, furniture, fixtures and fittings, preparing a list of

 repairs and maintenance items required for submission to Household.

 s. To take part in such performance management or staff review arrangements

 made by the School.

 To perform any other key tasks which a member of the Leadership Team may

 reasonably assign.

   Person Specification


 • A teaching qualification (or similar) is desirable but not essential

 • Relevant first aid qualification is desirable

 Personal Skills

 Able to:

 • motivate and inspire all pupils

 • work as part of the boarding staff team, and the wider whole School staff team

 • communicate efficiently and unambiguously with pupils, staff and parents

 • be a good administrator

 • apply sound IT skills.

 Personal Qualities

 • Commitment to the ethos of the School, especially its commitment to

 internationalism and inclusivity

 • Enthusiasm and stamina - boarding staff work long hours and need to be able to

 be positive at all times

 • Approachability

 • Professionalism and integrity

 • Cope under pressure and meet deadlines

 • Have a sense of humour!

 The School is an equal opportunities employer. We are committed to safeguarding

 and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expect all staff and

 volunteers to share this commitment. Successful applicants are subject to a Garda




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